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7 Method Libraries for Experiments & Concept Tests

Published 6 months ago • 1 min read

7 Method Libraries for Experiments and Concept Tests

by Jeff Humble

Dear Reader,

Today, I want to share some behind-the-scenes research on Designing Product Experiments.

When I design a course, I go deep on buying every book on the topic and scouring the internet for every possible PDF.

For our course on product experiments, 7 playbooks in particular influenced the course. Here they are, ranked in order of usefulness:

1. The Experiment Library by Strategyzer

2. Validation Guide by Board of Innovation

3. Compendium of Innovation Methods by Nesta

4. Experiment Playbook by Lean Apps

5. The Real Startup Book by Kromatic

6. Landscape of Innovation Approaches by States of Change

7. Guide to Scaling Product-Led Experimentation by Amplitude

Unfortunately, most of these playbooks require an email to download.

If you want a little preview of each before you give away your info, I wrote a short review of each playbook in the full article. It's a great way to bookmark this resource for later. Check it out below:

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Until next week, try out one experiment method at work!

Jeff Humble
Designer & Co-Founder
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