Newsletter 2.0 (now with links, quotes, memes, videos, and events)

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Dear Reader,

Jeff here...Today, we're trying something different with the newsletter.

For the last two years, Hannah and I have been writing this weekly advice column for you and over 5,000 designers.

It's been a wild ride...from late-night cramming to early-morning writing sessions to beautiful feedback and encouragement that makes it all worth it.

This advice letter has been a weekly reminder for us to keep innovating, but the Fountain Institute is becoming more than just Hannah and I...

The community of designers around the Fountain Institute is our real value so we thought--it's time for our newsletter to grow with the community.

Introducing the newsletter2.0...(final_final_but_not_really)

🦾 AI-powered post-its
Today, Miro launched an AI version of its popular white-boarding tool (shared by Jerome Bertrand)
Learn more

🌅 Non-managerial career path
Staff Design explores how individual contributors are exploring careers at the highest level and has some great resources
(shared by Anja Lena)
Learn more

💰 Paid Figma plugins
Figma just launched a section in their resources page with paid items
Learn more

🧠 How to be a facilitator
Hannah Baker just published an article on how and why you should build skills as a design facilitator
Learn more

Apply to join the Guild of Working Designers here.

from Henry Mintzberg, an excellent source for design strategy
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Source, shared by Rana Fathi in the Guild

Learn to create a winning strategy in UX

Learn how to initiate systemic change within an organization, whether a small team or a large city.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Learn how to build a winning UX or product strategy that aligns design with business.

April 17-May 8, 2023

Until next week!

Jeff Humble
Designer & Co-Founder
The Fountain Institute

P.S. We'd love some feedback on the new newsletter. Hit reply and let us know what you think!

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