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The missing intro to UX strategy I always wanted

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Dear Reader,

If you've come to one of my masterclasses on UX strategy then you know that I have a very specific idea of UX strategy.

But I didn't always understand it.

When I first got interested in UX strategy in 2017, I read everything I could find on the topic. All the books and articles on UX strategy I found only made me more confused. Maybe you've felt the same?

After months of research into business, product, and content strategy, the power of strategy really clicked in my mind. I put that approach into our LIVE online strategy course, but I never took the time to publish it.

Well, I finally published it on our blog today! This in-depth introduction into UX strategy uses lots of analogies and examples. It's the missing UX strategy overview that I always wanted:

If you read it, drop a comment in the article and tell me what you thought!

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Adobe released a sizzler video on their blog for the new generative AI capabilities in Photoshop. The video features text prompts in the UI that do what used to take hours:

Who knows if these features will work for real. Photoshop isn't exactly known for its stability...Will these AI features be enough to get you to dust off your Creative Cloud subscription?

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Until next week!

Jeff Humble
Designer & Co-Founder
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