🎥 Workshopping to Freelance Success [Miro board included]

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Dear Reader,

Today's advice letter comes from Géro Sauerwein, a freelance product designer in Berlin and alumni of the Fountain Institute's workshop course.

Two years ago, Géro set a goal to make as much money freelancing as she did at her old agency job.

Well, she hit her goal! And in this month's meetup, she shares her secret weapon: ✨The Collaboration Kickoff Workshop✨

Last night, she gave a talk for our monthly meetup on how to communicate with clients right from the beginning of projects.

The talk was clear and highly actionable for anyone that wants to freelance or lead projects.

Géro covers:

  • How to set expectations with clients
  • How to run a kickoff workshop
  • Lessons learned from doing it the wrong way

Check out Géro’s Collaboration Kickoff Workshop board in Miro here.

Until next week!

Jeff Humble
Designer & Co-Founder
The Fountain Institute

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