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15 workshop activities NOT in the Design Sprint

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Dear Reader,

Today, I'm sharing some workshop activity inspiration because the Design Sprint gets too much of the spotlight...

It's time to move on.

Jeff's top 15 workshop activities

If you're looking to diversify your workshop activities, check out some of my favorites. Each activity links to a Miro template with more info.

Stinky Fish
Stakeholder Map
Fishbone Diagram
Impact Map
6 Thinking Hats
Likert Scale
Card Sorting
I Like, I Wish, I Wonder
World Cafe
Systems Leverage Map
Three Horizons
Theory of Change
Liberating Structures

If you want to learn how to design your own activity, check out the 5 Key Elements to Designing Workshops by Hannah Baker.

🤖 The A.I. Dilemma by Tristan Harris
An insightful talk on Youtube from the creator of the Social Dilemma that talks about the consequences of "Gollem AIs"
shared by Joshua Stehr
Learn more

🌳 Creative UX for Nature Masterclass
Turn your UX/UI skills into superpowers that do good for the environment by reducing the negative impact and implementing positive effects.
shared by Lizzie Hamblin
Learn more

💰 Startup Salary and Equity Database
Are you getting what you're worth...and the stock options to go with it? Check out what people make around the world in this database.
shared by Joshua Stehr
Learn more

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May your week be full of raccoons and rainbows... 🦝🌈

Jeff Humble
Designer & Co-Founder
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