4 ways to shape your job in the first 90 days

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This week we have a guest post from Sara Javan, Senior Product Designer and Community Organizer at the Guild of Working Designers:

4 Ways to Shape Your Job in the First 90 Days

1.) Set boundaries and priorities

During the first three months of a new job, it's crucial to establish your priorities and communicate them clearly with your team and superiors.

This will help you to focus on the things that matter most to you and avoid getting bogged down with tasks that don't align with your goals.

For example:
The team is excited about your graphic design background. "Can you design a new company logo?" No, it’s clearly not your job and you can say no.

2.) Create personas to empower decision-makers

Creating persona-like profiles of the people you meet can help you identify your company's main decision-makers and learn as much as possible about them.

Decision-maker personas will give you a deeper understanding of how your company works and how you can contribute to its success.

For example:
Are they saying they wish if there was a way to improve alignment or communication? Yes, workshop facilitation is something you can help them with.

3.) Absorb business updates and meetings

Attending business updates and town hall meetings is a great way to hear about new ideas and take notes on what's happening in the room.

This will help you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your company and identify areas where you can add value.

For example:
Take a notepad for the all-hands updates. Are there areas where you can provide some expertise? Be on the lookout for quick wins.

4.) Connect with other departments

Analyzing your team and knowing what everyone is about is essential for building relationships and collaborating effectively.

It’s equally important to connect with other departments and join their gatherings, as this can be more valuable than meeting with your own team.

For example:
Learning about the sales strategy can help you understand what clients the company is after and shed some light on business decisions that might affect your working area.

Thanks, Sara! If you found her advice helpful, send her some love on Linkedin or the Guild of Working Designers, where she organizes community events.

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