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🎥 Convincing Stakeholders to Ship Awesome UX

Published 5 months ago • 1 min read

Convincing Stakeholders to Ship Awesome UX

By Hannah Baker

Dear Reader,

Last night's meetup immersed attendees in the art of effective stakeholder management with Kevin Hawkins, Head of Design and Research at Amenitiz.

Leveraging 17 years of expertise as a Global UX Director at Glovo, Director of Product Design at BookClub, and UX Team Lead at, Kevin shared practical strategies for "Convincing Stakeholders to Ship Awesome UX."

Enriched with compelling examples from his tenure, the session provided valuable insights into navigating the complex landscape of stakeholder relationships, offering attendees a roadmap for success.

Kevin's discussion transitioned from real-world experiences championing exceptional user experiences to a myriad of tips and tricks, with one being the reimagined framework—Logos, Pathos, and Ethos, creatively renamed as Head, Heart, and Cred.

  • Head (Logos): Present a compelling case with data, proof, reasoning, and statistics, appealing to stakeholders' intellect for informed decision-making.
  • Heart (Pathos): Cultivate personal connections by tapping into stakeholders' empathy, principles, and values, forming the heart of resilient relationships.
  • Cred (Ethos): Emphasize trust through credibility, experience, and past insights, showcasing a track record and expertise to instill confidence.

Recognize each stakeholder as a unique puzzle and tailor your communication accordingly. Play to emotions for those seeking inspiration, present logical analyses for those valuing financial proof, and emphasize credibility for those prioritizing trust through experience.

Flexibility is key—customize your approach to resonate with individual preferences.

For those eager to explore Kevin's insights further, you can find a link to recording of the event and slides below.

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Until next week!

Hannah Baker
Facilitator & Co-Founder
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