Crafting User-Loved Products (without losing your mind)

published3 months ago
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Crafting User-Loved Products
(without losing your mind)

By Hannah Baker

Dear Reader,

As designers, you know the best way to create products that users love is to stay connected with them and understand their needs.

But you also know you're constantly fighting against time, resources, and buy-in.

That's where continuous UX research comes in. It's like a secret weapon that can help you create better products without losing your mind.

In our latest blog post, Eleanor Hicks, UX/UI Designer at ELEMENT Insurance AG, shares how she's used continuous UX research to become a more confident and impactful designer.

She shares several specific examples of how she used these methods to improve her work and offers tips for other designers looking to implement them into their workflow.

If you're serious about taking your career to the next level and creating products that users love, I highly recommend checking out Eleanor's blog post. You won't regret it.

Also, if you want to hear directly from Eleanor about her experience, check out the recording of last night's meetup on YouTube, where she walked us through some of the methods she used and their impact on her company and career!

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Until next week!

Hannah Baker
Educator & Co-Founder
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