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See What We Dreamed Up at the Design Community Session 🎥

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

What We Dreamed Up at the Design Community Session

By Hannah Baker

Dear Reader,

Wow, what a whirlwind of inspiration we stirred up at last week's Designers' Collective Dreaming meetup!

Your passion, ideas, and stories have inspired exciting visions for the Guild of Working Designers' future.

Our meetup was not just another gathering but a hands-on exploration of what makes a design community flourish and how we can enhance it.

Through heartfelt conversations, sticky notes, and imaginative collages, we delved into the core of our designer identity.

What We Learned

You showed us that:

  • A supportive network is more than just networking; it's about meaningful connections.
  • True community spirit thrives on empathy, inclusiveness, and mutual growth.
  • Creative collaboration is critical, starting with listening to every voice, no matter how soft.

Below are a few of the collages created during our workshop. These aren't just colorful and creative; they reflect our collective dreams for what a design community can look like in the future.

Dive Deeper

Did you miss the live session or want to revisit our vibrant discussions? Check out our detailed recap below. You'll find the full recording of the workshop, all the poll results, and access to our Miro board, where all the magic happened. It's a fantastic resource for catching up on everything and seeing the detailed output of our collaborative efforts.

Staying Connected

While the participants for our follow-up sessions have been chosen, your influence extends beyond this event.

Each insight and idea you shared guides the Guild towards a more dynamic, inclusive community.

Stay tuned for updates on how your visions are taking shape, and look out for our regular newsletters, where we'll share progress, new insights, and, of course, more opportunities to make your mark in future endeavors.

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Until next week!

Hannah Baker
Facilitator & Co-Founder
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