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Shaping the Future of the Guild of Working Designers - Let's Co-Create!

Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

Shaping the Future of the Guild of Working Designers - Let's Co-Create!

By Hannah Baker

Dear Reader,

As one of over 6,500 newsletter subscribers, you're part of a vibrant group passionate about senior-level design and leadership.

You might have heard us refer to the Guild of Working Designers, or Guild for short, and maybe you're even part of it.

But if you've been curious about what this is and why it exists, we are here to clarify that and offer an opportunity to shape its future.

The Guild of Working Designers

Imagine a community where working designers don't just meet but grow together, going beyond the basics and enriching our collective design wisdom.

That's the heart of the Guild, which has been thriving since late 2020.

Since I started the Guild, it has grown to over 800 designers on Slack, with more than 35 meetups and 9,000+ event registrants fostering connections and creativity.

And now, this space is evolving, and here's your invitation to be a part of that change!

We've Listened, and Now It's Time to Act

The Guild isn't just evolving; it's being reborn, with your voice as its guiding force.

While we've created a thriving space for working designers, we realize it's time for something even more impactful.

Now, we're turning the reins over to you—the heart and soul of our community.

Your Voice, Your Community

We're not just about meetups and Slack chats anymore. We're evolving into a community where your desires and needs take center stage.

So, how do we make this happen? Through co-creation and a healthy dose of transparency, of course!

We're launching a series of workshops where you get to define our community's purpose and values.

Think of it as our community reimagined by you!

A Special April Meetup

Our next meetup, Designers' Collective Dreaming, on April 24 at 19:00 CEST, is not just another event. It's the kickoff to this new area of the Guild, and we invite every designer to share, dream, and contribute.

Be a Part of the Transformation

Do you want to dive deeper past this initial workshop and really help steer the Guild's future?

We're seeking 8 creative minds for an additional three hands-on workshops.

It's more than participation; it's about leaving your mark on the design world. Check out the details below and how you can apply.

Not a Guild Member Yet?

Curious but not yet a Guild member?

Join us and amplify your voice in a community that values your design insights and creativity. Apply to Join the Guild

Together, we're not just designing but redefining what a design community can be. Join us on this extraordinary journey.

WORKSHOP: Aligning with Strategy
June 13, 2024
Learn how to identify and shape strategy
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COURSE: Facilitating Workshops
Fall, 2024
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COURSE: Defining UX Strategy
Nov. 4-Dec. 16, 2024
Learn to design a winning strategy that aligns design with business
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Until next time!

Hannah Baker
Facilitator & Co-Founder
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