The 3 P's of Measuring UX

published6 months ago
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With every passing day, measuring the user experience is easier.

A slew of AI-assisted tools are emerging that allow you to dive deeper into the psyche of your users.

Before you jump on the latest tool, you might want to stop and figure out your measuring goal.

Here are some common questions:

  • How do I measure how one design performs over another?
  • How do I know if users prefer one design over another?
  • How do I know if users perceive a design as trustworthy?

Behind these questions is a different measuring goal that requires different methodologies.

Knowing your goal will make choosing UX methods, metrics, and sample sizes much easier.

I just published a long-form guide to measuring the user experience that can break down this gargantuan task with a simple framework.

This framework is how I teach quantitative research and UX metrics to our product experiments students. It's an effective way to simplify the gargantuan task of measuring UX.

If you often wonder if you've chosen the right UX method for a project, this article is for you.

After years of R&D, Apple finally released their AR/VR device at Apple's WWDC23. Tim Cook definitely tried to sell it as an iPhone-esque moment, but will people really go for this $3499 device?

This device straddles AR and VR categories with an immersive yet interruptible user experience. Many who got a demo say the experience is far better than they expected, especially the eye-tracking and clicking gestures. Is this thing a shining example of the future of UX or an isolating creepy toy for rich people?

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