The Ethics of Chat GPT

published5 months ago
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Dear Reader,

I'm so over the AI tools...

Every time I open social media, I see something like this:

If you're using ChatGPT, you're only scraping the surface. Check out these 100 AI tools to 10x your productivity!

🥱 The way we talk about these tools says a lot about our society.

The fact that we invented a plagiarism machine also says a lot about our society.

Don't get me wrong. I think the tool is useful.

I'm just saying it's about time we took a critical look at generative AI.

Thank goodness for Pete Armitage, your new favorite design ethicist. Pete wrote a little piece on the ethics behind Chat GPT.

As a UX writer, Pete brings a verrrrry unique perspective to the conversation. I think you'll enjoy it.

(and if you like the article, check out Pete's talk next week)

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Have a great week, y'all!

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