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Unlocking 3 Years of UX Wisdom: Highlights from Our Meetup Talks!

Published 3 months ago • 2 min read

Unlocking 3 Years of UX Wisdom

Highlights from our meetup talks!

By Hannah Baker

Dear Reader,

We just passed the three-year mark of our virtual monthly meetup. As we celebrate three years of collaborative learning and growth, it's with immense joy that we reflect on the incredible journey we've shared. Whether you've been a longtime participant in our meetups or just discovered our community, we're thrilled to showcase the wealth of knowledge and experiences that have shaped our collective understanding of UX design.

Here's a quick recap of some standout sessions from our extensive library of talks:

Finding Strength in Imposter Syndrome
with Maureen Herben

🔗 Watch the video here

Maureen Herben took us on a candid exploration of imposter syndrome. Despite gaining more seniority and experience, she found herself questioning her abilities. This talk offers valuable insights into embracing imposter syndrome as a productive and motivating tool.

B2B Survival Guide for UX Designers
with Aneta Kmiecik

🔗 Watch the video here

Aneta Kmiecik explored the evolving landscape of UX design in B2B environments. The talk covered the role of a UX Designer in B2B, challenges, opportunities, and practical tips. As UX gains prominence in B2B, Aneta shared insights on surviving without burning out.

Talking Taboo: User Research in Sex Tech
with Lex Gillon

🔗 Watch the video here

Lex Gillon delved into the challenges of user research in the often elusive world of Sex Tech. Navigating taboo research methods, Lex shared insights into understanding customer needs in this unique industry while respecting privacy. Join this quest to evolve taboo research methods constantly.

Choosing the Right UX Metrics
with Maria Panagiotidi

🔗 Watch the video here

Maria Panagiotidi, Senior UX Researcher at Oyster HR, demystified UX metrics. She explained how quantifiable data points can track user experience over time and prove the value of UX. Gain actionable insights into commonly used metrics and discover how Maria incorporates them into her daily work.

Explore More Talks on Our YouTube Channel

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These four talks are just a glimpse of the incredible content available from our meetups. With a collection of over 36 meetups, a wealth of UX wisdom is waiting for you. Subscribe, explore, and keep the learning journey alive!

Thank you for being part of our community. Here's to many more years of inspiration, collaboration, and growth!

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Until next week!

Hannah Baker
Facilitator & Co-Founder
The Fountain Institute

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